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What Is Texas Music?

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Texas country music (more popularly known just as Texas country or Texas music) is a rapidly growing sub-genre of American country music. Texas country is known for fusing traditionalist root sounds (similar to neotraditional country) with the outspoken, care-free views of outlaw country. Texas country blends these sub-genres by featuring a “take it or leave it” approach, a “common working man” theme, and witty undertones. These often combine with stripped down music sound. Texas country music can also be called “Red Dirt” country music. Sounds from Texas and Oklahoma have influenced the scene of this particular genre.

Neither the location of birth nor the location of upbringing seems to calculate in the definition of a Texas country artist, as long as the origin is not in the corporate Nashville scene as the genre tends to be anti-Nashville. For example, Chris Knight is considered by some to be a Texas country musician, despite his Kentucky ties. Adam Hood, an Alabama native, also has had success in the genre. Even international musicians, such as Alberta, Canada native Corb Lund, have been successful in the Texas country scene.

But who better to ask than the Texas Music stars themselves?  Here are some definitions from some of the many Texas musicians:



Kevin Fowler

“Texas Music to me means music that is created free of all the boundaries of the industry.  Artists creating music the way they hear it, not the way some bonehead in a suit tells them to. I think that’s why most original sounding country music is born in Texas.”

Jamie Richards

“Texas Music is music that is not formulated, music that still has rough edges, that has not been honed or polished to the point that it has lost all emotion, music that does not have to fit through a narrow window of nationwide top 40 radio, music that gets fans one at a time and keeps them forever.”

Wade Bowen

“It means honest lyrics and music coming from the hearts of artists that support each other and the music they play.”

Walt Wilkins

“I grew up in Austin, and I’ve lived in Nashville.  I grew up with the whole anti-Nashville sentiment.  This is what I think:  Nashville is out of touch with life, and Texas is based on life.”

Cody Canada

“To me, it means honest music and good friends.”

Jack Ingram

 “To call it Texas music is more an adjective about what is put into the music:  It’s synonymous with roots and heart and passion.”

Mike McClure

“When I think of Texas Music, I think back to when I was in college and newly discovering Jerry Jeff Walker.  Through his Hill Country Rain album I became familiar with Lloyd Maines.  Lloyd then turned me on to Joe Ely, and I discovered Robert Earl Keen through Love and Danger.  I think discovery is one of the greatest aspects of music.”

Drew Kennedy

 “Uncompromising lyrical content backed by traditional influenced music and instrumentation.  If that sounds broad, that’s because I think it should be.  It’s all about the lyrics.  Texas, and Oklahoma, is a state of mind … or at least the state your mind is in when you pick up the pen to write a song.”

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