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Rockwall Promotions is accepting Artists with a 2018 / 2019 single release date. Contact us for more information about having your single played on the radio and moving up the charts.

Texas Music Radio Promotion

Every musician is unique.  That’s why we create a personalized radio promotion plan.  This is no cookie cutter plan, it is designed just for you and your sound. We laboriously call each station by phone personally each week to keep you on the top of the radio station’s program directors mind. Since Leo is well known in the Broadcast field for more than 35 years, a long well developed relationship is in place.   Singles will receive 12 weeks or more of weekly calls to reporting stations.  Additionally we send out weekly e-mail campaigns with tracking and chart placement reports. For most of our artists we also send a CD to each station.  An emailed MP3 can easily be lost, its less likely a physical CD will get lost on the Program Directors desk. Rockwall Promotions will not only see your single through this radio maze, we’ll be here to help along the way, cheering you along as your number one fan!

Radio Touring

Once your single is on the radio, its time to begin touring.   We don’t stop at getting your song played on the radio!  We’re here to make you a star!  We can create customized radio promotional tours for you to meet the people throughout the region. Scheduled tour stops at the radio stations throughout Texas and beyond! Imagine Program & Music directors awaiting your arrival as the rush you into the studio for a live interview! We’ll even set up some interviews and a few on air performances. You will meet and likely form long lasting relationships with some of the top Texas Music Radio Program Directors and Disc Jockeys.

Why Hire a Radio Promoter?

On television and movies you may have seen friendly disk jockeys playing the records of the new musician who simply walks in and hands them a record.  While that certainly was true to some extent in the past, the commercial radio industry, currently, is the complete opposite of that image when it comes to the independent musician. But hang on.  That doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t significant radio airplay available to you.  Below are three ingredients necessary to get spins on today’s commercial radio stations:

1) Money to fund the campaign
2) The time to spend working all radio stations consistently
3) Music that is ready for national / regional airplay

These days, the chances of getting significant national or even regional airplay for your independent record are near zero. It’s a time when a small group of powerful media conglomerates own and control most of the radio stations, at least the important stations. The fact is, if you are not connected to a major label or independently wealthy, the costs of promoting your music to radio can seem astronomical to the beginner.

You’ve heard the old adage “Don’t reinvent the wheel”?  There exists a sort of hybrid that spans old school radio and the new corporate version.  Those people existed in both worlds and are able to bridge that gap where a newcomer musician would find impossible. While radio promoters aren’t exactly cheap.  They are much lower in cost than if you attempted to self promote.  They do this for a living and know exactly how and when to promote, what tools to use, etc.  Most importantly your music gets the promotion you are looking for and you can concentrate on your product.  You tag along with someone who is already speaking with these radio stations every week and is well known to them.  A good radio promoter can open those closed doors for you.