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EPKs & One Sheets

Physical press kits using hard copies have nearly completely vanished. They have been replaced by the “EPK” – electronic press kit. The EPK is a traditional promo package in a digital format on a band’s or band manager’s website. Alternately the EPK can be emailed to the radio stations and venues.

An electronic press kit should always contain the musician’s biography and details about releases. It may also include press photos, videos, upcoming tour dates, backline requirements and other marketing information. The content of the EPK can be downloaded and is designed to provide the recipient with all of the necessary information to include in a radio or television program, review, or article. Here are a few of the things you should consider including in your EPK.

Biography & Discography

Also known as a “backgrounder,” this bio grabs a reader’s attention describing the musician’s genre or style. This is not quite like a traditional resume for a potential employer. This bio is a peek into the band’s style. It gives the reader a taste of the group’s influences and sound. Another section. the discography section features a listing of the available recordings.

Samples of Your Music

An EPK includes samples of music. They should showcase a variety of reels and snippets or sometimes even complete tracks to appeal to different audiences – fans, clients, promoters, presenters, etc.

The Performance Calendar

Building your audience is critical to every artist. A list of performances and gigs is a very important piece of the electronic press kit. This calendar needs to be revised and updated frequently.

The Stage Plot

For a musician performing at a venue, festival, or other show with more than one act, the stage plot gives stage crew and the sound engineer important setup information on microphones and inputs. It is critical to give a venue access to this information before a performance in order to insure the show will run smoothly and avoid headaches on the day of the performance.

Pictures of You & Your Band

Photos help to tell a musician’s story in addition to the music. EPK pictures can include head-shots, band and promotional shots, CD cover art and liner graphics.

Videos of Your Best Performances

Promotional videos give fans and prospective fans the ability to enjoy a live performance. Additionally, they provide reporters and media outlets with material to post.

Press Coverage

You’ve got press coverage, now what? Show it off in your EPK! Include any reviews and interviews as well as any= endorsements from radio and television stations.

The One Sheet

The EPK one sheet summarizes your essential information into a single page. Often it’s used to promote the release of an album – similar to a press release.

Your Contact Information

You’ve done it all correctly so far. Don’t forget to include a way for them to get in touch with you! Contact information that’s front and center – an EPK essential!

EPKs for Press

Electronic press kits have been considered a welcome change in the world of music promotion. The EPK can handle much more information than physical press kits and in a user friendly fasion. Electronic press kits are easier on the budget as well since production costs are kept to a minimum. Much savings are achieved as there are no print production or postage fees needed to send them.

With all of that information in hand, you should know that not all you wish to reach with an electronic press package will be interested in receiving EPKs. Many still prefer the traditional hard-copy. With that in mind, be sure to learn the preferences of the audience you are contacting.

What About The Music?

If all of that sounds daunting and you may be wondering when you’ll have time to work on your product, your music – good thinking. We all have our talents. You’ve chosen yours wisely and you should concentrate on your craft. That is why there are radio promotion companies such as Rockwall Promotions who can handle all of this for you. From creating and distributing your EPKs and One Sheets to the correct people in the industy, to following up with everyone of them by telephone every week. Sure, you can do that yourself, but there will be little time for your craft and your music will suffer. Concentrate on what you do best and let us handle the marketing, getting your songs played on the radio and building you into the success you deserve!